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Laptop as Proxmox VE host passthrough GPU to Windows VM and start the VM on hardware event

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[This tutorial is still working in progress]

Start the VM on hardware event

In my case, I don't use the SD card in daily workflow and it's nice to be used as a "switch". You can always use a handy USB device as an event trigger.
Create a service called `start-on-remove-sd`:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/start-on-remove-sd.service

Replace the contents of the file with the following:

Description=Start VM on SD card removal

ExecStart=/usr/bin/bash -c "journalctl -fn0 | grep --line-buffered 'mmc0: card 0007 removed' | while read -r line; do qm start 106; done"


Save the file and exit the text editor. Reload the systemd daemon to apply the changes:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Enable and start the service using the following commands:

sudo systemctl enable start-on-remove-sd.service
sudo systemctl start start-on-remove-sd.service

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